Maltbarn Studio clients include:


Grace Carter

Dermot Kennedy

Kojo Funds

Cleo Sol

Sampa The Great

Producers and writers:



The 23rd

Carrie Willets

Steven Weston

Maltbarn Studios is an isolated residential recording studio, located in Mid Wales. It offers a stunning, and inspiring retreat to work from with great accommodation, to help clients stay relaxed and easy, while they concentrate on the real work of writing and recording.

Maltbarn's site includes a Welsh Longhouse (1555) which contains the studio and main house, plus a separate cosy cottage and barn accommodation. Both sit in a stunning location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hills, but luckily the nearest civilisation has a Spa and Coop shop open to eleven pm every day!

There are a number of ways to rent Maltbarn Studios and the accommodation. This can be done through our agents Miloco studios. Clients can rent the main studio, in the main longhouse, along with its three bedrooms or for a more budget retreat you can choose to rent just the cottage and setup a pop up writing setup which we will equip for you. Finally for larger groups that want complete privacy they can choose to rent the main studio, cottage and barn for complete privacy . We specialise in high quality organic cooking and can cater for all needs from our resident chef.

Alongside the studio the kitchen is becoming a hotbed of home produce and culenary excellence. We intend to accommodate all artist from the music industry, to film makers and visual artists. Recent clients include. Grace Carter, Dermot Kennedy, Cleo Sol, Sampa The Great, Kojo Funds. Producers: Koz, InFlow, The23rd and Rudimental. We will be opening up for more residential events in 2019, and of course if you just want to get away from it all and have some good food you can book to just come up here and stay for a while, chill and go for walks....

Please use Miloco Studios

for studio bookings