Currently "In The Works" Jan 2020: 

Superhand, American Teeth Instrumental album is currently being finalised for 2020 release

Superhand new material will be finalised In the New Year

Swallow post 4AD unreleased work and archive material Is gradually being fed to social media, we are looking at the archive and considering further releases in 2020

Lettie unfinished project album, nearly ten years after a Glastonbury disaster, the album is finally being finalised and mixed for 2020

Mike Mason featuring Peter Murphy

Tracks recorded when Peter was at Maltbarn Studios and other unreleased tracks post BusyGoingCrazy currently being recovered and mixed for 2020 release

Thin Man , E-Da with Mike Mason, Archive electronic improvised work out now on Youtube and Sound Cloud.


We have helped independent artists over the years finalise and master their work for release on streaming platforms if you need help in improving sound and mastering for streaming feel free to get in touch.

THIN MAN - Released over Sound Cloud and YouTube

SWALLOW- Released over YouTube

Full archive with links will be here soon


maltbarn recordings

white lines(communications)

dogray productions

full list of video and music works slowly being catalogued here:

White Lines (communications)

Cat No. Line 001


Six Summer Suns EP

Music by Mike Mason

Producer Mike Mason

Mixed by Alan Moulder


This EP is currently being worked for re-release 2020