So it looks like things might start to move again...

Times have been difficult... firstly the music industry was having a some difficulty, things were already challenging and changing. Here at Maltbarn Studios unfortunate personal changes meant we had to stop. Then after all that, Covid hit and the world stopped...

Rhys had just started to record here, we had just about completed his first EP tracks, when the lockdowns started to kick in. This halted everything, all our plans were on hold. There was no way Rhys could perform live, we could not shoot videos further recordings were stopped. There was little hope of launching a new artist. We managed to get mixes done remotely.

Now here we are at the end of February and at last there feels like there is some movement ... a sniff in the air that lockdowns might ease.. So instead of stagnating and all the energy going out of the project...we have decided to just go for releasing in any way we can. Rhys is now making a home lockdown style video for the debut single and we have now put the recordings in for mastering and will be going for a release very soon. We are working with PYST Distribution who have been very helpful in setting up our label.

Meanwhile the studio is being rejigged and we hope we can welcome back some of our clients later in the year..

Stay tuned as we try and make this work in these difficult and challenging times...

Rhys can be found at @dotrhys on Instagram

Full information on these recordings and all activities will be appearing here, stay tuned..

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